While Nagoya does have it’s own food culture it is very cosmopolitan and boasts restaurants serving a multiple of international cuisines. You can find everything from French to Vietnamese, Italian to American… and many boast bilingual menus. So while you are here, sample some of the best Japanese cuisine you can find; you might also want to take a break and enjoy something different as well. The nightlife scene is quite vibrant and includes everything from sports bars to dance clubs and live houses. Try to check them out while you are here to get a sense of what the expatriate community is all about.



Nagoya is famous for its chicken wings and this chain has the best in town. Lots of izakaya favorites. The Motoyama shop is popular.

Hitsumabushi Bincho

Grilled eel served Nagoya-style is called hitsumabushi and is a feast and an intricate meal. This shop is famous for this speciality. A once in a lifetime culinary experience.


Great ramen and a great atmosphere and price. This is a chain but the closest shop to CLEFT2019 is in Hisaya-Odori. English menu.


Every delicious thing you can stick on a skewer and grill over charcoal is served here. Excellent wine. Try the lamb.

Nadaman Tokyu Hotel

One of the best Japanese restaurants in Nagoya. Located in the Tokyu Hotel.

Sandaime Furari Sushi

Sushi is everywhere in Japan but Furari Sushi is a great value for truly excellent sushi. They have several locations but the NHK shop is most convenient from the venue.

Sapporo Kanihonke

Crab, crab, crab. Delicious fresh crab straight from their pond served at this popular shop in Sakae. A wide range of sushi and other small dishes available. In the summer they run an underground beer cave complete with an indoor lake!

Nagoya Stn.

Soba sometimes takes a back seat to ramen or udon for those new to Japanese cuisine. But mark this place on your culinary map to enjoy excellent handmade buckwheat noodles served with tempura.

Teppan-Yaki NAKOTEI
Nagoya Station / Mariott Nagoya Associa Hotel

A view of the city’s rapidly ascending skyline is just one aspect of this delicious teppanyaki literally hot plate restaurant. Excellent cuts of meat and a variety of seafood along with vegetables are cooked right at your table by a chef.


Chicken, Chicken, Chicken. Nagoya Cochin chicken is a famous local delicacy and here they serve it in every way imaginable. Extremely popular.


Nagoya is famous for its red miso and this shop specializes in udon bathed in a salty rich broth made with it. A hearty and flavorful meal.


BJ American Dining Bar

Great food including ribs, burgers, Mexican and more are just part of the attractions here which also include flair bartenders and pole dance performances. Convenient to Sakae Stn.

Dean and Deluca
Nagoya Station / Midland Square

This chain of luxury delicatessen and coffee shops serve take out and eat in delicacies that you can’t find anywhere else. Expensive but delicious.

Midtown BBQ

Located near the Hilton Nagoya here you will find an authentic American smokehouse serving up tender juicy everything.

Outback Steakhouse

This Nagoya outpost of the popular American chain has the same menu you would expect back home. Great ribs, burgers, steaks and more. Their bar is particularly popular.


If you want a break from Japanese food then this place has everything and anything you are looking for. Great burgers, pizza, Mexican – you name it. A great sports bar with a pool table and live games. A favorite among the expatriate community.

The 59’s

If you want to make friends and have a burger there probably isn’t a better place than this diner near Central Park in Sakae next to the TV Tower. Great drinks and English-speaking staff make it a fun place to hang out.

The Rock

This Aussie-themed bar is well known for their generous happy hour and as a home away from home for the myriad of expats who pack it out on the weekend. The food is great and a good value.



Do yourself a huge favor and drop in at Nagoya’s best Mexican restaurant bar none. Rudy who is from Mexico, and his wife Takako, both serve authentic food and have a well stocked bar which includes an impressive array of tequilas.

Jerry’s Uno

This local hangout serves cheap tacos and burritos that are kind of a mix between Japanese and Mexican. Whatever the inspiration they are very good. Large selection of world beers.


Fushimi / Nagoya Kanko Hotel

Traditional Japanese-style French. Located in the Kanko Hotel in Fushimi.

La Cabotte

Opening early afternoon at 3pm this is an ideal place to pop in for a nice glass of wine and something like their excellent quiche as an appetizer before ordering from their extensive a la carte menu or heading elsewhere.

La Maison Rouge

Why would you go to Japan to eat French food? Because Japanese have a flair for using the best ingredients and techniques. Imagine if real French food used the best of everything and then you would have this remarkable ala carte French Bistro.

Le Martin Pecheur

LMP, as it is known by the insiders isn’t a big place, it isn’t an easy place to find, and it is not a place you go to eat a quick meal. Here things move subtly and with determination and each course is paired with a specific glass of wine. Perfection.

Tokyu Hotel

Located conveniently in the Tokyu Hotel in Sakae this French restaurant also serves steak grilled on their Teppanyaki. Incredibly good food.”

Restaurant Crown
Hotel Nagoya Castle

This contemporary dining restaurant located in Hotel Nagoya Castle is a fusion French and Japanese inspired establishment with great views of the Nagoya Castle complex. Teppan-yaki is also available.


The setting is a big reason this restaurant is so remarkable, the Japanese garden at the Tokugawa Art Museum. The view alone is worth a visit but the fusion Japanese and French cuisine is something to brag about. Enjoy!


Antica Roma

Wood fire pizza oven, risotto, and pasta paired with reasonably priced wines. Good service.


Nagoya Station / JR Central Towers

Finding good Indian food in Nagoya is difficult but Maharaja which is located on the 13th floor of the JR Central Towers below the Marriott Associa Hotel never fails to please.

Vegetarian / Vegan

Nagoya Station / JR Central Towers

This restaurant serves you traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine. The theme of this restaurant is “tradition × contemporary” and the atmosphere of the shop is comfortable and unusual. It accommodates special dietary requests such as vegan and kosher amongst others. Reservations are recommended.


This restaurant is run by a Zen temple called Kaizuiji and serves you Shojin cuisine, or vegetarian dishes prepared for Buddhist monks. The restaurant is very small so it is best to reserve in advance.

Love Pacific Cafe

This cafe takes the time and makes the effort to gather safe and local organic ingredients. They do not use eggs, meat, or dairy products in any of their dishes. While the menu is limited the food is good.

Shinshintei Saryo

All of the dishes served here are Shojin cuisine – vegetarian. Animal proteins such as meat, fish, milk, eggs are not used at all. This restaurant has a five-star rating on Happycow, a vegetarian site based in the United States.


Asahi Super Dry Nagoya
Nagoya Stn.

Run by the famous beer company, this beer hall serves… well, BEER! and lots of it. Course menus are available and the prices are fairly reasonable.

Bar Rosen
Hotel Nagoya Castle

Views of the castle are the main attraction at this chic hotel bar.

Nagoya Stn. / Midland Square

Go here for the fantastic city view and the drinks, not necessarily just for the food which is inspired by French cuisine.

Elephant’s Nest

This authentic British pub serves Guinness on tap amongst other world beers including cider and some hard to find British beers/ The fare is fish and chips with a mix of other edibles. The main attraction is the dart boards and the live sports on their many wide screen TVs.

Nagoya Stn. / Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel

Serving expensive cigars, whiskies, and well prepared beef dishes late into the evening. Leather bound seating completes this upscale bar.

Kirin City
Nagoya Stn.

A Japanese beer hall and proud of it. Lots of beer here. Sausages, fried chicken and other snacks are available but the main reason to come is to float around in some of Japan’s finest brews.

OXO Kanayama
Kanayama / Asunal

Great outside seating in the Asunal shopping complex and a wide selection of cocktails. The food varies from burgers to Mexican-style nibbles and more. Great discounts for foreign customers.

Sapporo Beer Bar Koyoen

When the salarymen and ladies descend upon this beertopia you can be sure they are out for a good time. In summer it becomes a Japanese beer garden and a BBQ restaurant opens as well.

Sky Lounge Zenith
Nagoya Stn. / Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel

Go here for the atmosphere and great views of the city. The food is ok but the bar is serviceable.